The National Association of Finnish Islands

The National Association of Finnish Islands (FÖSS) is a bilingual civil organisation with the goal of securing the future for islanders and improving their living conditions.

Finland is an unparalleled country of archipelagos and watercourses viewed in an European perspective. In addition to sea archipelagos there are considerable freshwater archipelagos. Altogether there are 179 500 islands, and 54 000 inhabitants live permanently in the Finnish archipelagos. More than 8 500 people live all the year round on the aproximately 400 islands without a permanent road connection with the mainland. The recreational residents, nature lovers, recreational fishermen, boating people and tourists are noticeable users of services and thus important elements in the context of business development on islands.

The National Association of Finnish Islands works for a positive regional development in the Finnish archipelago. This is done through various projects and continuous lobbying, in order to guarantee the existence of basic services and traffic connections. The insular culture and identity are strengthened by all possible means.

People living on islands often form a minority within their area, thus networking both in Finland and between European small islands is of outmost importance. FÖSS acts as a grassroots society, through which the voice of islanders can reach national and European decision makers. FÖSS is a member of ESIN, the European Small Islands Federation. ESIN consists of national insular societies, one from each participating country. The federation acts at two levels:

– Local level: strenghtening islands cultural identity, facilitating the circulation of information between its members, allowing comparison on how different countries cope with issues and sharing knowledge.

– European level: informing relevant EU institutions, influencing EU policies and rules by increasing their awareness and understanding of small islands.

Join us! FÖSS, Finlands öar rf – Suomen saaret ry, gladly receives new membership applications! Whole families, associations, businesses and municipalities are also welcome as members. Information concerning the payment of the membership fee will be forwarded to you after the administrative board has approved your application.

Contact us in case you would like to learn more about our activities! In accordance with the statutes, the administrative board is elected at the annual general meeting.


The administrative board for 2018:


Tiina Johansson, Jurmo
+358 40 7042 538

Vice chairman 

Gunilla Wasström


John Wrede, Brändö, Åland


Carmela Johansson, Pargas (not a member of the board)

Board members

Jan-Erik Karlsson, Nagu

Micaela Jansson, Korpo

Kristina Norrgård, Finnby Kimitoön

Jan M. Koivurinta, Fagerholm

Laura Järvinen, Utö

Sonja Ek-Johansson, Heisala (Pargas)

Torolf Bäckman, Snappertuna

Åsa Blomstedt, Österbotten

Clara Lindqvist, Sibbo

Pia Prost, Pargas

Alternate members

Katja Bonnevier, Korpo/Skärgårdshavets biosfärsområde

Birgitta Bröckl, Pargas

Julia Ajanko, Brännskär